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Tie Those Flies, Solopreneur! Your Fishing Business is Jumping!

Creating a fishing business, solopreneurs, is uncannily easy. Travel sites for solopreneurs can be a huge challenge.  Yeesh … there’s a whole passel of huge travel sites out there, and competing against Travelocity isn’t easy.  The Grand Canyon, fishing the Colorado River, and hundreds of other top fishing spots are written about ad nauseum online. So why do I remotely suggest that you can create a fishing site, and succeed at it? Because I know Jenny, and Jenny showed me how to do it. Jenny lives in Oregon, and she loves to fish.  (Incidentally, Jenny doesn’t live in Oregon....

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Solopreneurs Teach English!

Solopreneurs excel at teaching English, as well as teaching most other languages.  Companies like Babel and Rosetta Stone earn slews of money, and their only product is learning foreign languages. This is, without doubt, one of the easiest and most lucrative business you can start right now. I once worked with Lucia, a woman who had taught English in a Middle East country.  Lucia had all the connections anyone could dream of, she knew where to advertise, how to get clients, and she knew the stumbling blocks for her future clients.  Lucia had been there and done that. But...

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African Prints Blog

An African prints blog is just one option.  No matter what your ethnic background or knowledge, this applies to you as well. Simply put, Ethnic is BIG.  Very BIG.  HUGE.  IMMENSE. A wise friend once told me that in troubled times we reach out to embrace our own.  I believe that is true. And in joyful times we also reach out to embrace our own, along with everyone else. Taking pride in who we are as individuals is celebrated in our culture.  It shows in our artwork, in our attire, in our home decor, even in our gardens. For...

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Isn’t It Romantic? Special Places Online

It seems like every romantic place online has been written about a gazillion times, at least I thought so.  But my cohort reeeeally wanted a site about romantic places in California, especially for us older folks.  So I started looking, and yes, there were a lot of sites about San Francisco and la Jolla and Montecito and other places, but none of them focused on the romantic aspects of those places.  Gee willikers, I thought, here was a wide open area. So our site came into being.  We called it “California Rendezvous”.  You won’t find it online anymore.  When...

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I’m Singing In The Rain — Umbrellas, Galoshes, etc.

As with many lovely things in life, umbrellas came to me rather serendipitously.  A few years ago I was wandering through the Embarcadero Center in San Francisco, truly one of the great small shop meccas of the country, when I chanced upon a whole store of umbrellas.  Not so much as a single rain coat, but hundreds of umbrellas. I was in awe. I owned several umbrellas of course — a couple of black ones, and a red one.  But I had never owned one with Monet’s “Water Lilies” or white clouds skipping over a rich blue sky.  I...

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Tea Time Going Big Time — Importing As A Home Business

The name of this game is “Importing”.  The more you have traveled and made contact with tea growers, the stronger your business will be. Note:  Here we talk about tea importing, but in truth, importing any specialized product will reach the same goals.  (Think “cheese” or “handwoven baskets”.) Here’s The Basic Scoop on Importing: Income potential:        Moderate to high Computer skills needed:    Can be done locally in some areas, but computer skills will broaden the market Online business?    In larger metro area, your online presence may be modest; in more rural areas, will need a strong online presence Part...

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3 Great Home Travel Business Ideas

The world is at your fingertips in your home travel business.  You’ve traveled.  Your boss has traveled.  Your friends have traveled.  And you are the “Go To” person for travel info.  A home travel business has its name written all over you!And you’ve got lots to celebrate. ( For the free ebook 13 Creative Home Business Ideas , just click here ) A business that was once relegated to dusty sweat shops with rows and rows of agents can now be conducted in the comfort and joy of your home. While there are many ways to approaching a home...

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