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Tutoring As An Online Business

When we think of a “tutor”, we conjure an image of a wise person sitting at a desk with one person, and that is pretty accurate. How would you like a business like Angie has, a business where she truly sets her own hours and makes a pretty decent living.  Angie tutors people taking the accounting exams and charges over $100 per hour for her services.  You may not be able to charge that much, or you may charge even more.  And you will be using skills that you already have. Most tutors work one one one, with one...

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Make Money At Home With Yoga

I wish I had the skill to make money at home with a yoga business.  But I don’t.  For all the yoga classes I’ve taken — and there have been quite a few — I am still not a pro. You are a yoga pro, so your choices are different. In addition to any training or certification you might have, having a home yoga studio also requires having the space at your home to create a small studio. But that’s about it.  As businesses go, it really is easy to set up. The flooring is really the big issue...

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Make Money At Home – Be A Car Buyer

Going to the dentist and buying a car — those are still the two things that I hate doing the most.  And I’m not the only one.  With your negotiating skills, you could make some solid money at home negotiating for others who don’t like buying a car. The last time I bought a car, I walked into the dealer’s office knowing full well that I had to buy a car.  All I could do was throw myself at the mercy of the dealership.  Here I am, a nice little old lady, and I need a car.  I knew...

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Make Money At Home With Your Teaching Skills

We are a curious people.  We search, and research, and learn.  And if your skills include teaching, you can make some very nice money from a home business.  And it doesn’t matter what your subject is! Consider Alyce.  She taught English to high schoolers, and worked in the night school with immigrants learning English.  She could have chosen either set of students to work with for her home business, but she chose the foreign students.  And it was an excellent choice.  In her night classes were students who could connect her the right people in Arabic countries and in...

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