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Use Your Legal Skills In A Home Business

My friend Devorah is an outstanding attorney.  She wants to use her legal skills for a home business.  So she and I sat down and tried to figure out what she might do.  We started out by eliminating goals that probably weren’t the best for a home based business. Most importantly, working with large corporations in any field was probably not going to work well.  Large corporations have a staff of attorneys of their own, and they tend to hire outside help from large law firms.  That alone eliminated lots of ideas. Things like “becoming incorporated” probably wasn’t the...

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Going Pro With Your Consulting Business At Home

You know it.  And you know you know it.  So take your consulting business homeward, and go pro.  I have, and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. There are slews of reasons why going pro with your consulting business at home is simply a great idea.  For instance … (1)  A Home Consulting Business Can Be A Quick Starter A few years ago I started a business as an online coach.  I helped people set up money making websites of their own.  Within 48 hours of the site going live, I had my first $3,000...

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Talking About Your Home Business Idea

Talking with your friends and family about your home business idea isn’t always easy.  In fact, most of the time it is down right tough.  In the beginning, I found it very hard. A Scam I Am? Sometimes others just don’t “get it”.  Others don’t understand how you could possibly make money working from home.  They are certain it’s a pipe dream, and nothing more. Maybe even a scam. Hint:  There is one way to tie down a scam.  Ask yourself, “What does the other guy get from it?”  If the other guy (i.e., me) gets lots of money,...

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Turn That Flower Into A Home Business Idea!

Is there an idea for a great flower business? at home? You bet!  Like you, I have fallen in love with roses and daffodils and orchids and even the shy pansy. At first glance it may appear difficult to find a way to actually earn money while bringing the beauty of these blooms to the world, but truly there are many ways of doing it.  Let’s see if we can spark a few ideas for you, whether you have room to grow the blooms or not. As much as I love all flowers, let’s use the lovely tulip for...

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Your Home Office

Indeed, the laptop may be all that we need for a home office.  For a long time, that was all I needed.  And starting out, that may be all that you need. But something happens over time. First I started printing out my pages, for future reference. Then I started doing more research on my topic, and printed out a lot of those pages, for future reference. Then I started keeping a notebook of ideas, for future reference. Then I started collecting a few books on my website topic. Then I started jotting notes and ideas on little stickies....

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8 Sensational Online Business Ideas

I had a tough time narrowing it down to just 8 best 0nline business ideas, for in truth there are thousands. But use these 8 to jog your own creative spirit and see what you can come up with! These all had to be businesses with products that could ship easily, not be infringing on anyone else’s copyright or trademark, and be truly unique, i.e., ideas that cannot be copied from the local drugstore. But there are lots and lots of these truly great online business ideas to choose from!

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Make Money At Home With Creative Skills

You and I are far more creative than we give ourselves credit for, and yes! we can make money from home using those creative skills. When you stop to think about it, just about every business in the world requires some kind of creativity, whether it is baby sitting as a teenager or managing an office or discovering new genes.  If these teens and admins and scientists were not creative, odds are that they would not have the jobs they do have. So what makes a “creative business” different? For starters, a creative entrepreneur enjoys the creative aspects of...

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Make Money At Home – More Ideas

There are more ideas for making money at home than any website or any blog can possibly list.  I know;  I tried;  and it cannot be done. Actually, every single time that I see a business — and we see hundreds every day — it is a unique business concept.  A restaurant is not a restaurant … it is a coffee shop with gingham tables cloths, or an Italian deli with great salami, or a seafood restaurant specializing in all kinds of lobster.  Clothing stores are not just clothing stores.  Even a “life coach” is not just a life...

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