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Write A Kindle Shortie

A Kindle shortie (technically a “Kindle short read”) is one of the great ways to make money writing books and short stories, both fiction and non-fiction. This refers to a way that an author can create something, and earn money, before finishing her whole book, or can simply create a short book.  That’s important.  Most books take a long time to write.  Most writers are not wealthy, so they take waitressing or secretarial jobs to tie them over until their book is published.  That can be a long time. What if you took the first chapter of your book,...

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Tutoring As An Online Business

When we think of a “tutor”, we conjure an image of a wise person sitting at a desk with one person, and that is pretty accurate. How would you like a business like Angie has, a business where she truly sets her own hours and makes a pretty decent living.  Angie tutors people taking the accounting exams and charges over $100 per hour for her services.  You may not be able to charge that much, or you may charge even more.  And you will be using skills that you already have. Most tutors work one one one, with one...

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Write Love Letters As A Home Business

People who can write fancy treatises and ten pound reports seem to have real trouble writing a simple love letter, but as a home business this may be your bailiwick. Here’s The Scoop on Writing Love Letters As a Business: Income potential:   Moderate to Pretty Good Computer skills needed:   Yes Online business?   Absolutely.  And off-line too. Part time/ Full time   Start part time; can grow to full time Growth potential   Good Skills needed:   A romantic spirit.  Ability to listen to people and hear what they aren’t telling you. Start Up Costs: Minimal Overall rating: B OVERVIEW   Writing love...

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Dollhouses As Home Business

Miniatures and dollhouses are Big Time home business.  Period.  There is an immense society of people who create miniature worlds. One dear friend has created several small worlds; she takes pictures of posed dolls and I follow her stories avidly as she posts them on her FaceBook page.  Soon she will turn those images into a Kindle book, and I have no doubt at all that it will be very popular. Options for this miniature world are truly endless.  How about Miniature towns and landscaping for railroad buffs; Doll houses for girls; Doll houses for big girls like you...

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Build A Green Home Business

Even twenty years ago I would have said that building a green home business would be really, really tough.  But this is a new century.  New energies are emerging, and the world is hungry for information on how to realistically live green. With your knowledge, you can help it happen. Actually, even I am helping it happen.  With the paperless website you are reading, and with the paperless ebooks in “50+ Great Businesses for Great Women”, I am helping the world just a smidgen.  And, yes, smidgens do count.  Those smidgens add up. Just imagine all the ways you...

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5 Amazing Ways To Be A Freelance Writer

Were you on your high school newspaper staff?  Me too.  This is the first step to a home business as a freelance writer.  And now that you’ve got some life experience behind you, you’ve got so many more options than you ever had before. So What Can I Write About? There are two very strong ideas that you can write about:  (1)  Things that you already know, and (2) Things that you can research. It is a serious misconception that writers simply know everything they write about.  A few do.  But most don’t.  Even me.  I can write a...

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Use Your Legal Skills In A Home Business

My friend Devorah is an outstanding attorney.  She wants to use her legal skills for a home business.  So she and I sat down and tried to figure out what she might do.  We started out by eliminating goals that probably weren’t the best for a home based business. Most importantly, working with large corporations in any field was probably not going to work well.  Large corporations have a staff of attorneys of their own, and they tend to hire outside help from large law firms.  That alone eliminated lots of ideas. Things like “becoming incorporated” probably wasn’t the...

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Start A Dog Day Care Home Business 3 Ways

Woof!  And the tails go wagging.  You’ve got the right touch for a doggie day care home business.  And you enjoy the wet noses too. There are so many different ways to approach this type of home business, depending on your space, your zoning issues, and the time you can put into it.  Let’s look at a few of the most popular. (1)  Walking Dogs As A Business I wouldn’t have believed this was such a great business until I saw a dog walker in action.  She didn’t have one or even two dogs she was walking at one...

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Make Money At Home With Yoga

I wish I had the skill to make money at home with a yoga business.  But I don’t.  For all the yoga classes I’ve taken — and there have been quite a few — I am still not a pro. You are a yoga pro, so your choices are different. In addition to any training or certification you might have, having a home yoga studio also requires having the space at your home to create a small studio. But that’s about it.  As businesses go, it really is easy to set up. The flooring is really the big issue...

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Make Money At Home – Be A Car Buyer

Going to the dentist and buying a car — those are still the two things that I hate doing the most.  And I’m not the only one.  With your negotiating skills, you could make some solid money at home negotiating for others who don’t like buying a car. The last time I bought a car, I walked into the dealer’s office knowing full well that I had to buy a car.  All I could do was throw myself at the mercy of the dealership.  Here I am, a nice little old lady, and I need a car.  I knew...

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