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A Home-Based Christian Business — Building Your Own Path

I went searching for some non-Christian religious items on the internet.  What I found distressed me.  So I did another search, this time for purely Christian items, then another search for Jewish items.  And the same thing kept happening. Here is what I found:  The overwhelming majority of items shown on the web as religious items of any kind seem to come from a central warehouse.  Rarely, rarely did I discover truly original pieces that I would be proud to have in my home. That made me truly sad. Religion of any kind — Christian, Moslem, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu,...

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Your Massage Therapy Home Business

I love the sheer joy of a therapeutic massage, and the privacy and elegance of a home setting.  So my massage therapist has a home business, with flowers and ferns and a waterfall cascading down.  The whole setting is just lovely, quite reminiscent of a tropical isle.  Her lotions and candles are equally exotic. Call me biased, but I’ve never enjoyed a massage from a male masseur.  I much prefer the gentler approach of a female masseuse, no matter what style of massage she is presenting.  And virtually all styles of massage lend themselves easily to a home business...

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Going Pro With Your Consulting Business At Home

You know it.  And you know you know it.  So take your consulting business homeward, and go pro.  I have, and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. There are slews of reasons why going pro with your consulting business at home is simply a great idea.  For instance … (1)  A Home Consulting Business Can Be A Quick Starter A few years ago I started a business as an online coach.  I helped people set up money making websites of their own.  Within 48 hours of the site going live, I had my first $3,000...

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Clean Up With This Home Business Idea

If you wrinkled your nose at the notion of starting a home cleaning business, well you are not alone.  So did I.  But here’s the scoop:  a colleague who has been in the home cleaning business for a few years now drives a better car than I do. You see, lots of people wrinkle their noses at the notion of cleaning houses. And lots of people need help cleaning their homes. No, it is not easy.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.  But it is good, solid, honest work that pays decently and requires NO computer knowledge....

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You And Llamas – A Great Home Business Idea

OK, they look snooty.  But for a home business idea, llamas are hard to beat.  They have a sweet temperament.  They are easy to raise.  They live in most climates.  They require little care.  Virtually NO technology is needed to raise them.  And they are just fun! What’s not to love? I often see llamas prancing around in the fields nearby, and one day I stopped to talk with one of the owners.  Sandra, the owner, absolutely could not praise this creature enough.  The llama was gentle with her children.  It was playful, and easy to train.  She had...

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Your Home Office

Indeed, the laptop may be all that we need for a home office.  For a long time, that was all I needed.  And starting out, that may be all that you need. But something happens over time. First I started printing out my pages, for future reference. Then I started doing more research on my topic, and printed out a lot of those pages, for future reference. Then I started keeping a notebook of ideas, for future reference. Then I started collecting a few books on my website topic. Then I started jotting notes and ideas on little stickies....

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Make Money At Home With Yoga

I wish I had the skill to make money at home with a yoga business.  But I don’t.  For all the yoga classes I’ve taken — and there have been quite a few — I am still not a pro. You are a yoga pro, so your choices are different. In addition to any training or certification you might have, having a home yoga studio also requires having the space at your home to create a small studio. But that’s about it.  As businesses go, it really is easy to set up. The flooring is really the big issue...

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8 Great Ways to Make Money From Home As A Virtual Assistant

Here is where your skills shine! There are actually dozens, or even hundreds, of ways to make good money at home as a virtual assistant.  I know too that it is one of the fastest growing fields throughout the whole country, all of which makes this a great business to pursue. So, what is a virtual assistant?  Well, ..Do you (1) type accurately, and fast? Yeah! …Can you (2) write a solid report? Double yeah! …Do you(3) know medical terminology?  or (4) legal terminology?  or (5) know how to write a press release?  Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah! More cheers for...

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Make Money From Home With Your Admin Skills!

Odds are pretty good that you, like me, have quite a few admin skills sitting around, skills that could be used to generate income from home. How about Computer skills Microsoft Word and/or Excel Graphics skills Organizational skills Team building skills Letter writing Report writing Telephone skills … all these, and lots more, will hold you in good form as you begin to build your home business.  These skills may seen pretty basic to you, but trust me, those who don’t possess these skills envy you to no end! Now that you’ve had a chance to take a peek...

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