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Create A “How To Help Butterflies” Website

Creating a “how to help butterflies” website is truly one of the most wonderful things you can do.  The information is desperately needed, and there is a market for it. Butterflies are among the most glorious of all creatures.  Some travel thousands and thousands of miles on their journey.  There is even one kind of monarch that makes a huge circle over three generations in order to reach its destination. There are thousands of different kinds of butterflies, and nearly all of them are in danger of extinction. That’s where you come in. While we all love butterflies, and...

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The Online Gourmet Shop

What is your specialty?  Gourmet cookies?  Truffles?  Spaghetti sauce?  Cheese?  Whatever it is, there a HUGE online demand for gourmet delicacies.  Honest. For decades I lived in California.  Even in rural California I could find all manner of gourmet delights.  It was just part of the culture.  Then I moved to rural Oregon.  Now I understand how online gourmet businesses can do so well.  I love where I live — truly.  But the boundless variety of delights that I grew up on, and came to take for granted, just isn’t here. So I go online.  And so do millions...

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Dollhouses As Home Business

Miniatures and dollhouses are Big Time home business.  Period.  There is an immense society of people who create miniature worlds. One dear friend has created several small worlds; she takes pictures of posed dolls and I follow her stories avidly as she posts them on her FaceBook page.  Soon she will turn those images into a Kindle book, and I have no doubt at all that it will be very popular. Options for this miniature world are truly endless.  How about Miniature towns and landscaping for railroad buffs; Doll houses for girls; Doll houses for big girls like you...

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Tea Time Going Big Time — Importing As A Home Business

The name of this game is “Importing”.  The more you have traveled and made contact with tea growers, the stronger your business will be. Note:  Here we talk about tea importing, but in truth, importing any specialized product will reach the same goals.  (Think “cheese” or “handwoven baskets”.) Here’s The Basic Scoop on Importing: Income potential:        Moderate to high Computer skills needed:    Can be done locally in some areas, but computer skills will broaden the market Online business?    In larger metro area, your online presence may be modest; in more rural areas, will need a strong online presence Part...

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5 Amazing Ways To Be A Freelance Writer

Were you on your high school newspaper staff?  Me too.  This is the first step to a home business as a freelance writer.  And now that you’ve got some life experience behind you, you’ve got so many more options than you ever had before. So What Can I Write About? There are two very strong ideas that you can write about:  (1)  Things that you already know, and (2) Things that you can research. It is a serious misconception that writers simply know everything they write about.  A few do.  But most don’t.  Even me.  I can write a...

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Your Massage Therapy Home Business

I love the sheer joy of a therapeutic massage, and the privacy and elegance of a home setting.  So my massage therapist has a home business, with flowers and ferns and a waterfall cascading down.  The whole setting is just lovely, quite reminiscent of a tropical isle.  Her lotions and candles are equally exotic. Call me biased, but I’ve never enjoyed a massage from a male masseur.  I much prefer the gentler approach of a female masseuse, no matter what style of massage she is presenting.  And virtually all styles of massage lend themselves easily to a home business...

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Clean Up With This Home Business Idea

If you wrinkled your nose at the notion of starting a home cleaning business, well you are not alone.  So did I.  But here’s the scoop:  a colleague who has been in the home cleaning business for a few years now drives a better car than I do. You see, lots of people wrinkle their noses at the notion of cleaning houses. And lots of people need help cleaning their homes. No, it is not easy.  If it were easy, everyone would do it.  But it is good, solid, honest work that pays decently and requires NO computer knowledge....

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Turn That Flower Into A Home Business Idea!

Is there an idea for a great flower business? at home? You bet!  Like you, I have fallen in love with roses and daffodils and orchids and even the shy pansy. At first glance it may appear difficult to find a way to actually earn money while bringing the beauty of these blooms to the world, but truly there are many ways of doing it.  Let’s see if we can spark a few ideas for you, whether you have room to grow the blooms or not. As much as I love all flowers, let’s use the lovely tulip for...

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You And Llamas – A Great Home Business Idea

OK, they look snooty.  But for a home business idea, llamas are hard to beat.  They have a sweet temperament.  They are easy to raise.  They live in most climates.  They require little care.  Virtually NO technology is needed to raise them.  And they are just fun! What’s not to love? I often see llamas prancing around in the fields nearby, and one day I stopped to talk with one of the owners.  Sandra, the owner, absolutely could not praise this creature enough.  The llama was gentle with her children.  It was playful, and easy to train.  She had...

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Working At Home With Passion

“Working at home with passion” is a fine ideal, and lots of pundits tell us to “follow your passion”, but how many of us can really manage it? Let me tell you:  Every single one of us — you, me, your neighbor, my neighbor, and the woman across the sea — EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US can work with passion, even at home.  Maybe especially at home. This “passion” bit has become a mantra in the world of business, and I am not certain that is good.  I think we tend to look for businesses that already reflect our...

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