bubble bath

Go … frolic!  Or soak to your heart’s content in soooooothing silky organic bubble bath.  This is a product that you can create, one you can really make your own.

Years ago when I was a librarian I got hold of a brand new book stuffed with ideas on how to make your own soaps, bubble bath, bath salts, rosewater and bunches of other goodies.  I got so carried away with it that I did up a big batch of rosewater, created labels and gave them as gifts to all my friends.  They loved it.  I loved giving it.  It was a real win – win.  Well, the idea isn’t quite so new anymore, but it is an idea that you can capture for your own online business … and do very well at it too.

The Secret Behind Your Organic Bubble Bath Business

First, create your special “signature” bubble bath.  You will find lots of recipes online, or at your local library.

Then create your “brand”.  This is what will distinguish you from every other bubble bath in existence.   Why a brand? you ask.  Take a look at jeans, I reply.  Now just how many styles of jeans can there possibly be?  Twenty?  Thirty?  And how many brands of jeans are there?  Hundreds.  Literally hundreds, and probably thousands if we look worldwide.  There is huge duplication in style and color and fabric.  But each jean label sets itself apart by being a brand of its own.  Levi is not Gloria Vanderbilt.

Each brand markets to a different kind of person, in a different kind of store, with different advertising, different colors, different look and feel.  One jean brand may show cowgirls roping cattle, while another will show women wearing jeans at a fancy New York cocktail party.

That’s the kind of distinction that you need in your brand.

Who will your bubble bath appeal to?  Are you looking for the city slickers getting ready for a night on the town?  at working women who need a bit of luxury?  at moms who need a few minutes of peace and quiet?

Your brand is reflected in everything that you present, from the colors you use on the labels, to the design of your website, to the placement of your advertising.

I assume that you can create a great product.  Making a great bubble bath isn’t difficult.  The hard part is creating your brand.  Give some real thought here, and think about hiring a professional designer to help you pull it together.  The time and money you spend now will be repaid to you thousand fold as your bubble bath business develops.

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One big caveat here is to watch what you promise in your advertising.  This is not a cosmetic, so it is typically unregulated, and your promos cannot promise silkier skin or the ability to get rid of freckles.  Bubble baths are a luxurious product, period.  Promote the joy of the bath, not miraculous results.

Growing Your Organic Bubble Bath Business

I assume that you will go organic since not doing so would eliminate a lot of potential buyers.  Look into becoming “certified organic”, and that will open doors to a huge number of boutiques and organic markets.

And bubble bath can truly be just the beginning.  Depending on who it is that your business is targeting, consider adding some other products too, such as:

  • Organic candles.  What is a luxurious bubble bath without candles.  [sigh]
  • Track down some special organic cotton or bamboo towels, the ultra soft Turkish kind.
  • Create some bath salts.
  • Create scents for the seasons, or for geographic regions.  An “Oregon Rose” scent and a “Manhattan Violet” are only two of thousands of possibilities.
  • Introduce children’s bubble bath products.
  • Find some loofah sponges
  • And soaps!  You might try your hand at making your own, or feature a unique brand that compliments your bubble bath.
  • Introduce men’s bubble bath — hey, men like luxury too!
  • Should you discover a wonderful, soft fluffy bathrobe, especially one available in several colors and sizes, do put that on your site too.
  • Put together baskets of goodies, especially for times like Christmas sales and Valentine’s Day sales.

… and maybe even a rubber duckie!

The idea is to give your client a whole bubble bath experience.

In Store Sales Vs. Online Sales

This really is a business that can flourish either online or off.  Whichever you do is entirely up to you, and certainly consider doing both.  In your promotion, you can say

As featured in Cindy’s Scintillating Boutique in Hollywood


As enjoyed by thousands around the world

The choice truly is yours.  Bubble baths and salts and towels and all the wonderful accessories are nearly universal.

Should you choose a bubble bath business, do let me know — I truly adore this bit of luxury!