birdhouse from online storeI need a bird house, a creative bird house, one perhaps made by an online entrepreneur.

I don’t want a plain old bird house.  I have a brand new house myself, and a brand new garden with brand new plants all over the place.  This certainly deserves a creative, fanciful bird house.

My local stores just don’t have any.  The big box stores have the typical wood birdhouses, and I guess one of those would do.  I could paint it different colors and put it on a pretty pole.

But I really want a super nice birdhouse for my little feathered guests.

Just look at the quartet above.  Aren’t those wonderful!  They would go so well with my little fairy gardens too.


In my search this morning I discovered some splendid ideas, like the one made from an old shoe.  And there was another made from a teapot.  Such creative ideas, ideas that I would never have come up with myself.

And that’s where you come in.

You are the creative one.  When you have a penchant for the artistic and fanciful, this is such a natural business for you.

Yes, this can begin as a part time adventure while you get your wings, so to speak.  Find your niche, create “your” design.  Having a style that shouts your name seems important here.  I have a few Laurel Burch purses, and every time I take one outdoors, people recognize it, I get compliments on it, friends ask where I got it.  Laurel Burch has a style all her own.  For a successful bird house business, look for that style that says “Me!”

You may choose to begin selling at local art fairs or gift shops or garden supply stores.

But before you know it, you will be ready for the Big Time:  international sales via the internet.

I live in a very creative area.  If I can’t find a cute birdhouse here, do you have any idea how many millions of people cannot find cute birdhouses locally?  Lots and lots.

I would also suggest doing a bit of research on which types of birdhouses work best for different types of birds, and for different locales.  When you can say “This is perfect for mid size birds like cardinals throughout the snowy regions of the country”, you’ve got a strong selling point.

And don’t forget larger sales, like those to pet stores, and to garden supply houses and nurseries.  People who like plants like birds.  And gift shops, of course, especially if you can create a design just for that region or that special bird.

Make certain, too, that everything you use is non-toxic, with organic materials.  And say so.  Don’t assume your customer will “just know”; they won’t.  You have to tell them so, and tell it proudly.

And did I mention custom birdhouses?  When a customer can send you a photo of their home, see what you can do to capture the style and colors of that home, and reflect it in your little houses.

This is such a wonderful career, and it can grow as big as you want it to.

This is when I truly envy those who have real creative talent AND know how to use a hammer and nails too!

So, if you could have a birdhouse, what kind would you like?