baby quilt designRound up your creative gene and toss it into baby quilts!  There are so many design and color options that you should stay busy for a loooooong time to come.

And there is a great market for these quilts.

Not only are baby quilts used many times in one home, but they are often passed down to relatives or to future generations.  A well-made baby quilt will last nearly forever.

There are some huuuuge advantages to committing to a baby quilt business.

Just Look at the Marketing Potential:

Your primary client is pretty easy to tie down:  Grandparents.  Parents rarely have the money to buy special baby quilts, but it is something that grandparents are thrilled to buy for their new grandchild.  God parents, uncles and aunts and other relatives are good targets too, but grandparents are the easiest to tie down and market to.

And your secondary market ain’t no slouch:  the overseas market.  There are some themes that resonate around the world, and your website can reach everywhere!

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scroll for baby quilts

It ships easily.  No worries about breakage.  It can even ship overseas, usually without concern for tariffs, so you truly have an international business instantly.

Customization is a real option, making your quilts even more valuable.

Sites like Etsy can handle the international monetary transactions for you, leaving you free to create.

There is potential for sales both in brick and mortar stores AND online in your own store.  You will make a lot more money with your own online store, so that is where I recommend you focus your efforts.  A brick and mortar store will take about half of the selling price as its commission.

If I were you, I’d market under keywords like “handmade baby quilts” and “personalized baby quilts”.  There are still many thousands of potential customers but those qualifiers put you in a different category than cheaper factory made quilts.

If there is a theme that you use often in your baby quilts, you might want to set up an Amazon shop to sell them in, as well as an Etsy shop.

Look At The Creative Potential:

When you create a simple blog, like a WordPress blog, you can easily add new creations as you finish them, and easily pull them down when they are sold.

There are truly thousands upon thousands of design options and color combinations, everything from cute teddy bears to modern abstract.

Giraffes … Teddy bears   …   Ducks   …   Rag doll …
Polka dots …   Ponies   …   Daisies   …   Roses   …   Mice   …
Rattles …   Pandas   …   Trains   …   Hippos   …   Cows   …
Lions   …   Tulips   …   Little girls   …   Little boys   …
Children from other lands    …   Flags   …   Boats   …

and more and more and more.  Every color of the rainbow looks spectacular in baby quilts, and you might have a whole section of yellow quilts or lavender quilts.

And don’t forget about the personalization.  A toy train quilt with a circle in the middle for the child’s name is such a treasure, or even a whole quilt with the child’s name and special colors.

Just Look At The Value Of These Baby Quilts!

When I checked Etsy to see what handmade baby quilts were selling for, I saw everything from $40 to $700.  Think about that.

Our initial inclination is the sell them as cheaply as possible.  DON’T!!!

Sell these quilts at a price that reflects their real value.  Is this a quilt that is going to fall apart the first time it is washed, or will be a treasure passed down from generation to generation?  If you’ve got a beautiful quilt, one worthy to pass down to future generations, with craftsmanship to go with it, then look at hundreds of dollars, not a paltry $50.

And for goodness sakes, use ORGANIC MATERIALS!  Organic and Fair Trade cottons are the wave of the future.  Polyester just doesn’t cut it anymore, not for baby items.

And when you make something that is ORGANIC, and BEAUTIFUL and with TALENTED CRAFTSMANSHIP, then SHOUT ABOUT IT.  Don’t hide these qualities in small print at the bottom of the page.  Put it right up on top.  These qualities are every bit as important as the design itself.

This is truly an amazing business.  Those without innate creativity could never tackle a topic like this.  But you can.  And you can be immensely successful!