“Although I’ve been in this business a long time, I’ve seen woefully little that addresses the concerns of women.

We do approach business differently than men, a better way, I believe.”

Welcome.  I am MaryAnn

It’s not the years of education and multiple advanced degrees that make me a great coach, although picking up that knowledge was useful.

It’s not the experience in business research and venture capital research, creating hundreds of business plans and dozens of business publications that make me a coach for you, although those experiences do make it easier for me to work with creative entrepreneurs like you.

It’s not even the time I devoted as a Peace Corps volunteer that really makes the difference in my outlook, although that experience had a significant impact on my life.

Truthfully, I don’t know where I got this zealous urge to teach, to help, to find ways for others to grow.

I just know it is there.

And I am glad.

I am glad too that I have discovered a way to help others online.  It wasn’t always like this.

Here’s the true scoop on How I Came To Be Here

After an exceptional career, the master’s degree, the really great recommendations I had, I moved back to California.  And I turned 55.  Well, being 55 in southern California is tantamount to being ready for the glue factory.  The best job I could get was as a receptionist in a small law firm.  To add insult to injury, these weren’t even nice lawyers.  They were arrogant jerks who treated me like a second grader. 

After a couple of months of getting edgier and edgier, one of the partners said something especially insulting to me, patting my knee and asking, “Now, dear, do you understand?”  I literally picked up the stupid phone and threw it at him.  Then I turned around, picked up my purse and walked out. 

When I got home, I told my partner that I didn’t think I had a recommendation from that law firm.  Not knowing what else to do, I opted to focus on the online business I had been toying with.  Within two months I was bringing in over $10,000 a month, and LOVING it.

Yep.  I lived the American dream — lol.

A few months after I went online, the director of a large forum for webmasters noted the advice I gave others in that forum and tagged me as the “niche” and “monetization” specialist.  And so began my career identifying profitable niches, those topics that almost guarantee a solid income, and helping people monetize them.

If you are looking for flashy glitz, I’m not your gal.  But “niches”, yes!  And “monetization”, yes!  Those are really my bailiwick.

Along the way I have helped literally thousands of entrepreneurs find and realize their dream businesses, everything from roses to motorcycle repair to bird houses to real estate and trading in stock futures.  As one of the members of FROM PASSION TO PROSPERITY said:

Candace Kolter…(T)he breadth of your experience comes across throughout your materials.  It is obvious that you are a pro who knows what you are talking about and that others would be wise to take your advice.  (Candace Kolter)

So … Why the Butterflies?

Passion with online business butterfly image

Butterflies to welcome you on your journey making money online with passion and love

First, they are pretty.  I spend a lot of time working on this site, and I like looking at pretty butterflies.

And the symbolism, especially for women, is immense.  The rebirth, the new journey, the glorious colors, the sky dance, facing incredible challenges … all this , and more, represents women’s place in the world of commerce.

Ahhh… The Word “Commerce”. Business. Making Money.

We (women) are routinely taught that we are to give service, with financial reward not a consideration.

Well, I know from decades of experience that both Service AND Financial Reward are very possible, especially with an online business.  Thousands of women prove this daily.

The toughest issue with businesses online is finding the right topic, one that is a passion, one that can truly earn you real money.

And that is what this whole website is about.  That’s what MY passion is about: helping you find YOUR business, and making it successful. 

Although I’ve been in this business a long time, I’ve seen woefully little that addresses the concerns of women. We do approach business differently than men, a better way, I believe.

So here we are:  HER Biz Now.  OUR business.  Now.

If you are anxious to get started, check out our QUICK START.  And if you are a do-it-yourselfer, do look at FROM PASSION TO PROSPERITY.  Either way, you will be on your way to YOUR success in a jiffy.

I hope we get to work together, but even if we don’t, I do wish you every success.

You may always contact me via the Contact form , and that message goes straight to my personal in box.  Also on many of the pages there is a place to leave a comment, and you are invited to do so.  Everyone can see “comments”, and perhaps others will respond, so you may get more ideas.

Light My Fire

Light My Fire – an incredible organization helping women and children worldwide

And when you feel comfortable, leave messages for others.  The more we help each other, the more we each succeed.

Incidentally, a portion of every dollar spent on this website goes to Light My Fire.   This is an amazing organization that funds projects for women and children throughout the world.  It is, simply put, one of the most outstanding organizations of its kind anywhere.

I am certain they would appreciate your direct support as well.

Your Solopreneur Business Pro

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