Two carousel horsesSometimes you just need to let the kid in your heart shine.  Such a time is when I think of carousels.

Oh the magical rides at the boardwalk when I struggled to reach for the brass ring.  And I got a small carousel music box when I was about ten.  I played it and played it, and danced around it too.  I only shared it with very special friends since it was such a special gift.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you have a magical memory or two of carousel rides yourself.

Creating a business around carousels lets that joy touch your life every single day, and that is nothing to sneeze at.  Very few businesses can bring that much joy.

So let’s take a look at some of the ways you might create a website based on carousels.


There aren’t many such artisans left.  Most carousels are manufactured now.  If you can track down the true artisans, this would be fascinating.  Be sure to include lots of videos and interviews.


There are so many, from treasured antiques to elegant new ones, and for every age, from babies to grandmas.

An easy way to feature such music boxes is just to set up a few eBay feeds for different kinds of carousel.

If you are an artisan yourself, creating your own style of carousel music box would be so special.


Many artists (perhaps even you?) have looked to the carousel for colorful inspiration.

Sometimes these inspirations have been flat artwork; sometimes it is vinyl wall art or even coloring books or needlework.

There are so many ways that images of carousel horses and other creatures can be presented.  Perhaps you can create a coloring book yourself, or placemats for coloring, or create kits to make sun catchers.

Is sewing your special talent?  There are loads of options here.  Create carousel horse aprons, or dresses for little girls, patches for boys and girls, scarves, pillows, iPhone covers, and so much more.


carousel lionDon’t forget all the other magical creatures of the carousel too.  Every little girl loves horses, yes.  But they also love other creatures.

I once had a huge plush lion (“Kingsley”) as the mascot for my business.  I was putting him in the trunk of the car at a hotel when a little girl appeared beside me, her eyes as wide as saucers.  I introduced her to Kingsley, and she got a great lion style hug.  Her mom said they had no idea she liked lions, but I kind of think that little girl got a lion of her own for Christmas.

So let your magical journey with carousels capture the wonder of lions and elephants and mystical creatures of all sorts.

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Zazzle is one of the great sites for artists of all ilk.  Your original design can be placed on hundreds of different items from tees to pillows to aprons to stamps.

There is one huge caveat to using Zazzle type services:  They will not promote your products for you.  You still need an independent website that will feature your products.  You may pick up a few sales accidentally at Zazzle, but for real sales, sell it yourself.

It is easy to create a Zazzle store, either on the Zazzle site or on your own website.  Stuff it full of fun carousel designs, and you are on your way!

We’ve barely touched the surface of everything that you might do with a carousel website.  There are just sooooo many options.  Whatever you choose to do, you can do it with a smile.