woman blowing her hairDo you think an online beautician website wouldn’t work?  Look at the picture.  Laugh if you like, but that is truly all that most of us know about creating a smashing hairstyle. And it ain’t much.

That’s where you come in.  You know a bit more than that, don’t you?  My guess is that you know a whole lot more than that, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

So what do you do with all that great knowledge?

My friend Trish started a site especially for women with loooong hair.  Hey, these Rapunzel-like damsels have real issues with hair care.

And another friend focuses on short, curly hair.

And they both do very well, thank you, and one of them isn’t even a trained beautician.

When virtual scissors haven’t been created yet, how do these women manage to have such a great business?  Well, here are a few things they do:

They show lots of pictures.

They create mini-lessons on videos for tiny tasks.

They show one hairstyle with different styles of clothing.

They show how to use bows and flowers and other decoration.

They interview other beauticians about hair and beauty issues.

They feature Q and A pages with their visitors, so everyone’s questions can be answered.

Perhaps most importantly,

They show how to use beauty products and sell lots of them on their sites.

It is simply a great combination of information and sales.  It is a bit techy.  You will need to know how to create videos and upload them.  This is not a terribly difficult task, but for this kind of site it is an important one.

Sometimes beauty sites feature a “dress me in this outfit” kind of module.  You may be able to download this from an affiliate;  creating one from scratch would be a major undertaking.

Sometimes affiliate selling can be tricky.  If you’ve known me for long, you’ve heard my soapbox spiel about DON’T RELY ON JUST ONE MANUFACTURER.  So I won’t repeat the whole thing here.  Just remember that if that one manufacturer should have financial problems, or go out of business, YOU are the big loser.  So diversify your product offerings.

Branch out a bit in your product offerings too.  Yes, do give reviews of different kinds of hair dryers, and do offer them for sale.  But also offer shampoos and brushes and mirrors and towels, and even a snugly bathrobe.

This is a great field for organic products too.  I must have spent 45 minutes at the drug store one day, looking for a genuinely organic hair conditioner.  It wasn’t fun.  So teach your people how to create their own, and when to use them, and which commercial brands they can safely use (like the ones you sell on your site).

There really is lots of potential here.  Here’s a snippet to your success!