I had a tough time narrowing it down to just 8 sensational 0nline business ideas, for in truth there are thousands.  But use these 8 to jog your own creative spirit and see what you can come up with!

While you are pondering great internet business ideas, keep a few guidelines in mind:

  • If it is a product, it must be easy to ship, preferably non-breakable.
  • If it is a product, it must be something unique, something that people cannot buy at the corner drugstore.
  • If it is written or created, you must have the copyright to it yourself.
  • If it is a service, you must have a way of communicating with your clients.
Teddy bear as a home business idea

Cuddle up to one of the very best internet business ideas!

(1) Create Unique Dolls To Sell Online

Do a whole series of similar dolls, or teddy bears, or stuffed animals of any sort.  These are all hugely popular.  Do you remember Mary Jane dolls when you were young, or Barbie dolls for the younger set?

Your clients are not just children, but adult collectors too.  And your market is not just the US — it is a worldwide market clamoring for well made, creative products.   Women have been known for eons for our creativity and sensitivity, so now is the time you can show off these gifts, and make others glad that they found you.

This will certainly be one of the best online business ideas for quite some time to come.

(2)  Sell Natural Baby Products Online

These may be products that you make yourself, or products that you represent as an affiliate.  Either way, the organic and natural baby market is booming.

A few years ago, Disney themed baby sets were HUGE, especially in Japan.  While you cannot copy Mickey Mouse, odds are you could create your own mousey characters and do them all in organic fabrics for cribs and children’s rooms.

(3)  Write Books For Children On Kindle

As I write this, there just aren’t very many.  Kids adapt to Kindle books easily, but there just aren’t many for them to choose from.  These are great sellers, too, for families traveling, both for reading aloud and for keeping children entertained.  There is a learning curve in formatting books for Kindle readers, but once you’ve got that down, go for it.

(4)  Create Clothing For Dogs (and maybe even cats)

This is another area where Demand far exceeds Supply.  You need not be a great seamstress, but you will need some sewing skills.  Creativity is again paramount, with an open mind to adapt creations for specific dogs  (and even working with owners who may be a little fussy).

 (5)  Sell Bamboo Products

I bought my first bamboo sweater accidentally.  I thought I was buying a cashmere sweater, it was so soft, so comfy.  Bamboo is the next plastic in terms of usage.  And it is so much better than plastic!  It is highly versatile, being used for everything from flooring to soft as silk sweaters, with lots and lots in between.  It is strong, and soft, and very versatile.   And it is an easily renewable resource, growing rapidly in many locations.

Find a niche in the bamboo products area, and grow with bamboo’s increasing popularity.  This is a product that is not yet widely available, so online sales will remain strong for a number of years to come, making this a great internet business idea.

(6)  Sell Specialized Books Online, Like Old Westerns Or Old Magic Books

Who said that books are dead?  phooey!  Few geographical areas can support a full brick and mortar specialized book store.  Goodness knows, even traditional independent bookstores are having a heck of time.  But there is still a demand worldwide.  So this type of bookstore has gone online.  Because there are few bookstores that could ever compete with your online business, this is likely to be one the most sensational online businesses for a long, long time.

The topics are really wide ranging, from gardening books to romances to British mysteries to train histories to, well you name it.  If you have a collection of these, odds are that others collect them too, and voila!  there’s your market.

(7)  Create Your Own Natural Beauty Products

Few of us trust bigco anymore.  The junk they put into “natural” products is just revolting.  Truly natural beauty products are hard to come by.  And that is where you come in.

Many natural/ organic beauty products can be created in your kitchen.  With creative packaging and a solid online store, this is a wonderful business.  And since the recipes will be yours alone, your customers are likely to repeat again and again, making this one the most sensational online businesses that I know of.

(8)  Become An Online Weight Loss Coach

Of all the online coaching options out there, this is the one that is the most successful.  There are just so many ways to tackle this, from providing menu options, to daily conversations, to being an “on call” buddy like in AA, to providing a forum for overweight people to meet, to creating a service for helping overweight children, and so much more.  Sadly, the need is growing.  This is a service that translates well over the internet, so do consider it.

Caveat:  Although this is a sensational online business, it will require special schooling and/or licensing.  Check with your local county health department and see what they say.

OK.  That’s my top eight sensational online business ideas.  Next year, or even next month, more great ideas may emerge.  And I would love to hear your ideas too!  Please do jot a note below and let us know what you have tried, or what you might be thinking of.