Image of woman with home travel business

Your home travel business flies off your screen!

The world is at your fingertips in your home travel business.  You’ve traveled.  Your boss has traveled.  Your friends have traveled.  And you are the “Go To” person for travel info.  A home travel business has its name written all over you!And you’ve got lots to celebrate.

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A business that was once relegated to dusty sweat shops with rows and rows of agents can now be conducted in the comfort and joy of your home.

While there are many ways to approaching a home travel business, here are the three main categories.  Mix and match to suit your style.

(1)  Create A Website About Your Favorite Spot

Some far away island paradise?  A great camping place?  A retreat for peace?  There are so many possibilities for a home travel business based on favorite getaways … well, it just boggles the mind.

The key to creating a strong website is to make it special.  There are thousands of websites already on Maui, too many for you to compete against.  But how about “Maui for the single gal” or “see Maui on a retirement income”.

It is called a “niche”.  It is a huge concept in internet marketing.  Essentially it takes a strong idea, like Maui, and gives it a unique twist.  Yes, there probably are some other websites about “Maui and the single girl”, but there are enough single gals looking to go to Maui that you can get a decent share to visit your site.

This “niche” idea works almost anywhere.  There are the large all-encompassing sites on nearly every spot on the globe.  Most of these were created a decade or more ago, and they’ve had lots of time to build their audience.  But you have the opportunity to focus on what really interests you about anywhere you want to go.  Make your travel site special.

There is another type of special travel website.  It is a site based on a particular idea or concept.  We simply call it “unique”.

(2) Your Unique Home Travel Business Website

A few years ago I was speaking with Jeannine, my sales person at a little boutique in California.  She bemoaned the fact that she always picked out clothing for other women to take on cruises, but she couldn’t afford a cruise herself.  I suggested that she build a website featuring the best clothes for cruises.  She certainly knew her stuff, and I sincerely believed she would do well.

Suppose you have traveled to many places with a sister who is handicapped.  You know what to look for, what to ask for before you even get there.

Or perhaps you’ve been a solo traveler on many trips, and really enjoy that type of travel.

Or you are a real pro at off the beaten path cruises.

Any of these topics is great as a unique home travel business idea.  And there are thousands of more ideas, just like these.

And this is stuff you already know.  You already have lots of pictures you can use.  You’re a pro before you ever start, and can answer lots of questions and get folks headed in the right direction.  Your site will be pure joy for anyone who discovers it.

My saleslady friend Jeannine never did create her website on clothes for cruises, and I wish she had.  She let her opportunity slip through her fingers.  You can let it slip away too, or you can get busy now.  Learn what you need to know to make your home travel business really spectacular.

(3)  Become A Tour Guide For Where You Live

As a home travel business idea, this is hard to beat.  While a website is likely important for your business, your “work” will be showing people the places you know and love.

You know the area you live in, whether it is Cincinnati or New Orleans.  You know the camping options at the state park nearby.  You know the best shopping areas in New York, and how to get there.  Use that knowledge to create a business that helps travelers.

Most travelers have limited time to do everything they want to do.  Foreigners in particular have a difficult time navigating our cities’ streets and transportation options.  That’s where you come in.

Your services as a knowledgeable local tour guide can be invaluable for tourists and business travelers alike.

  • Direct them to the hotels or B&Bs that suit their needs;
  • Find the restaurants that will be a wonderful experience for them;
  • Recommend activities for children;
  • Hook up with conventions in your area to provide tours for spouses;
  • Show them the out of the way places that standard tours don’t even know about.

You can hire your services out by the hour, or by the day or week.  You can set itineraries, or let your guests decide where they want to go.  And you can tell your guests so much more than any guide book would ever tell them.

In short, you can make a vacation very memorable for lots of people.  And that is no small accomplishment.

Requirements For A Home Travel Business

Each of these home travel business ideas does require some computer knowledge, and the guts to start a website.  And that is no small matter.  But once you get that knowledge, look at everything you get back:

  • A home based business where you set your own hours;
  • A part time or full time business, as you choose;
  • Flexibility to be with your family;
  • A decent income (even outstanding if you choose to work harder).

These are no small things either.

My friend Luisa began her website on her home country several years ago.  It has been so successful that now she and her husband and children are all relocating to her home.  They have bought their home already, and are nearly on the plane.  When they are settled, she will add “travel guide” to her resume and show people the home she loves so dearly.

What is your dream for your future?  for your family?  A home travel business idea may just help you get there.