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Gosh, when I started my first solo business, I truly did not know where to start. There was just so much that I didn’t know, and I figured I would need a bunch of partners to do it all.

Well, I finally got it figured out, by myself… and with a few coaches and colleagues along the way. That was over 15 years ago, and now my personal mission is to help other women discover their own online business journey too. It is such a joyful journey, so wonderfully independent. And in my solo business, I am never alone — you will never be alone either.

Everything on this site was created with the solopreneur in focus, from topic to marketing to finding your peeps to providing a place for us to meet and talk. I am so glad you are joining us!

Here are a few recent posts. You will discover lots more at the “Top Topics” button in the header.

One Adorable Poodle Plus One Creative Solopreneur

It is not that just any puppy isn't cute as the dickens, but when a solopreneur creates a puppy site, her best bet is to focus on one breed.  A German Shepard is not a St. Bernard is not a poodle. Personally, I love all dogs.  But that little tea cup...

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The Solopreneur With Hand Painted Scarves

Hand painted scarves nearly always come from a solopreneur's workshop, and ohmygoodness are they ever beautiful! I love scarves of all colors, and I keep them forever. I have an apricot color silk scarf that I got in Paris over 40 years ago, and a pink flowered scarf...

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Create Manga Books Online as a Solopreneur

Manga books are those glorious semi-cartoon images, with stories created for both children and adults, and they are often the work of solopreneurs!  The market is immense!  The growth chart for sales of manga books is waaaay off the charts. Don't believe me?  Just...

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Become An Online Marathon Trainer

Online training is really a growth niche.  Whether you focus on long distance runners or aerobics, if you haven't got an online presence you are missing out on a lot. A few years ago I am not sure I would have recommended online training so highly.  I, for one, just...

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Your Own Online Begonia Business!

I do love begonias ... the colors ... the shapes ... the varieties ... the small ones ... the tall ones.  And an online begonia business can  be yours, easier than you think. When I moved to Oregon I thought I would have to give up my cherished begonia patch.  The...

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The Little Ol’ Clock Maker — You!

An online clock maker has a real challenge:  how do you take that iconic circle and create something that is truly wonderful?  I know this is an issue because I've tried a number of time to find really interesting clocks, and it has been a challenge. Even finding an...

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Polka Dots and Moonbeams = Wow!

I love polka dots, especially the ones that scamper all over.  I love everything about polka dots.  They come in every color, every size, every style ... something to suit just about everyone. In college I once took a waitress job just because their uniforms were...

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Irish Music Blog — Your Pot o’ Gold for sure!

It donna matter if you are inclined to an Irish music blog, or a Swedish music blog, or a traditional Renaissance music blog.  If you like music, and you know a thing or two about it, then here's your pot o' gold, just waitin' for you! There's just no denying that...

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Professional Online Mentors Earn Bundles of Money!

And, YES! you should earn bundles of money.  You know your stuff.  You've been around a while.  Being a professional online mentor is a natural for you. How much can you earn?  Well, one woman I know charges $30,000 per year per client.  For that fee they get prompt...

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Magical Antique Children’s Books

What a delight these antique children's books are! When I researched this topic, I kept getting the feeling, "My goodness, I owned these books!"  In truth, I did own many of them.  My greatest treat, along with my doll collection, was a new book. That is, in fact, the...

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